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There are many fields in the market which, due to their extent, require a constant attention to the continuous development of ideas, design and technologies, as well as a great creativeness in order to propose products capable to satisfy the most advanced trends and having their own personality. Stainless steel and gift articles, which is the field where we work, could be the most significant example. While we are submitting you our catalogue, we would like to draw your attention on the large choice of the shapes and the articles, as well as on our production and distribution capabilities, being the guarantee of our care towards this direction.

F. lli Gnali Bacicio s.r.l. - Via Industriale, 33 - 25030 - Barbariga - BS - ITALY
Tel. 030 9718293 - Fax. 030 9719455 - P. IVA 00563270982
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