Kitchen utensil and gadget
all in stainless steel

Articoli da cucina in acciaio inox

We have a wide range of professional kitchenware realised in stainless steel appreciated for its resistance and durability. The manufacturing of the steel is made with high-tech and avantgarde machineries that allow to pay very attention to all details.

The stainless steel products, then, are subject to finishing treatments that assure their sparkle and integrity over the time. Each production phase is subject to strict supervision to verify that every item should meet the highest quality standard assuring our clients reliable and long-lasting products for their professional and not culinary needs.

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Passaverdura acciaio inox
Rompinoce in alluminio
Tappo a cestello per lavello
Frusta da cucina
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Kitchenware in stainless steel

Our kitchenware accessories in stainless steel are sold with hanger card so they can be easily displayed in any sale points.

Our range includes a wide kitchen utensils designed for any food creation such as skimmers, whisks, potato peels, spatulas and pizza wheels. Besides the traditional utensils we also offer accessories like basket sinks, stove reducer, flame spreader, multi-function opener and other articles for the kitchen, all realised in stainless steel to guarantee the maximum sanitary level and durability.

Corrosion and rust-resistant, our products are realised to be used over the time and they are perfect for an extended time.

Resistenza alla corrosione

Resistant to corrosion and to rust for your maximum safety.

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