Manufacturer of stainless
steel kitchenware since 1954

There are specific product sectors that, for their versatility, they need a constant attention to the continuos evolution of ideas, design and technology as well as a great creativity in the production proposal that should be in line with the most advanced trends but, at the same time, that could express their own personality.

The kitchenware in stainless steel and gift accessories market in which we are is the most striking example. Our production and distribution capacities are the witnesses of our commitment.

Produttori di casalinghi in acciaio inox
1954 fondazione Gnali Bacicio

The company was born in a small workshop in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia.


Then we moved to Barbariga (Brescia) and here we start with the manufacture of our first cutlery and ladle models.

1990 – 1998

We started to grow so we enlarged our workshop and built a warehouse with the strengthening of our competitiveness we achieved one of the best position in this sector.

1998 – 2018

At the end of ‘90s, we built a new warehouse with the goal to supply a better service to our clients and to face the new challanges of expansion and globalization outside Italy.


Besides our stainless steel range of products, we introduce a new line of baking trays in non-stick aluminium to make our offer more complete.


Due to the high potential of the baking and cooking products, we increase our offer with new stainless steel products introducing in our production line pots and pans and casseroles.