Production of
strainers and colanders

in stainless steel

Produzione colini in acciaio inox

Our range of strainers and colanders realised in stainless steel 18/C certified for food-contact presents different models with single and double meshes or wide and narrow meshes depending on the use. The handle, made in stainless steed or in plastic, is practical, ergonomic and resistant to high temperature.

Our products can be washed in the dishwasher guaranteeing the maximum sanitary conditions in the kitchen.

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Colabrodo 12cm
Colino colatutto
Colino colabrodo 16 cm
Colino 16cm
Colino 18cm
Retina spargifiamma

Strainers and colanders in stainless steel

We propose you a selection of strainers and colanders in stainless steel designed to meet any needs.

All type can have different diameters: from 7 cm to maximum 20 cm. The mesh strainers are suitable for filter liquids or sift flour; the colanders are ideal for drain the pasta, rice or other food. The oval ones, with narrow and large mesh are created for different uses.

Every product is sold separately with hanger card.