Production of
catering ladles

Produzione mestolame catering acciaio inox

Our ladle range for catering takes into consideration all needs of resistance, sanitary and functionality that are fundamental in professional context.

For this reason our articles are produced in stainless steel 18/10, an alloy that is corrosion, stain, and high-temperature-resistant and guarantees that every item would keep its brilliance, excellence and integrity all over the time.

The ergonomic handles, made in stainless steel, add values to efficiency and comfort during their use.

Food-contact certified and resistant to habitual cleansing in dishwasher, our ladles are easy to clean and respect all high sanitary requirements.

Our best seller

Cucchiaione fondo per caterign
Forchettone catering
Mestolo per catering
Mestolo per olio catering
Pala fritto per catering
Schiumarola per catering

Catering ladle in stainless steel

Our catering range includes ladles, skimmers and serving spoon in stainless steel 18/10 produced in different sizes for every needs.

To assure the maximum functionality, every single article is sold in plastic bag. This helps to protect the item from external agents and to keep it safe.

Our ladle range is nichel tested keeping its organoleptic features and do not permit to change the flavour of the food.