Production of
non-stick aluminium
baking pans

Produzione teglie da forno

Our baking trays represent the excelence of the “Made in Italy” in the kitchen utensils sector thanks to its non-stick aluminium composition 99,5%. This material not only complies with the food contact standards but also offers better thermal conductivity performance and lightness.

These characteristics are fundamental to guarantee a uniform cooking. The non-stick aluminium allows the food not to be sticked on its surface as consequence it is easier to clean it.
Choosing this baking tray, you choose a very high performance product, suitable for great result with your cooking.

Our best seller

Teglia per lasagne
Teglia da pizza
Teglia tonda

Roasting pans and bakery trays of different shapes and dimensions suitable for oven

Our baking trays production offers different shapes and dimensions to meet every type of needs. We have baking trays with high side, perfects for roasts and lasagne, baking trays with low side for pizzas and focaccia breads.

The bottom of the baking trays has been designed to improve the heat distribution for great results.

Resistenza alla corrosione

Resistant to corrosion and to rust for your maximum safety.

Facili da pulire

Easy to clean, spot-resistant. They can be put in the dishwasher.

Preservano il gusto

They preserve the taste of food and they don’t absorb smells.

Nichel tested

Certified product and nickel tested for a bigger care to your health.