Production of
cake moulds

in aluminium

Produzione forme per dolci

Our product line for home-made bakery stands out for a wide range and high quality material. Amongst these items you can find non-stick white aluminium moulds and cake pans in carbon steel.

These materials guarantee light and a very good thermal conductivity that are fundamental for a uniform cooking. In particular, the non-stick aluminium facilitates the removal of the cake from its mould without using any special oil or grease. Moreover they are easy to clean.

The tin is optimal for smaller items and make it possible to obtain precise and particular shapes.

Our best seller

Teglia plum-cake
Tortiera apribile
Tortiera apribile per ciambella

A wide range of bakery moulds

The bakery section includes traditional cake pans, moulds for donuts, plum-cake, puddings, pies, heart-shaped moulds and much more.

This wide range is a precious ally for professionals who combine creativity and precision keeping the high quality.

Resistenza alla corrosione

Resistant to corrosion and to rust for your maximum safety.

Facili da pulire

Easy to clean, spot-resistant. They can be put in the dishwasher.

Preservano il gusto

They preserve the taste of food and they don’t absorb smells.

Nichel tested

Certified product and nickel tested for a bigger care to your health.